How I'll Lead

As your elected Ward 4 representative I will fight for our community, but I can't do that without hearing from you. You can expect that my door will always be open and that I will work for you and with you. You can expect that I will govern with integrity and transparency and I will be relentless in all pursuits to bring opportunity to our city.  

Smart & Sustainable Development 

Our 7.5 square mile city is built out and we have nowhere else to expand. This means that every single redevelopment project needs to be smart, sustainable and well planned. We can no longer look at redeveloping our city in terms of small projects. We have to be intentional about how all of the small projects fit together, how each one will serve our residents and how we as a city can be a leader in building environmentally friendly spaces.

In Ward 4, there is an incredible opportunity to redevelop the Northglenn Marketplace to include a mixture of housing, new retail and local restaurant options. As original homeowners make the decision to downsize, it is critical that there are senior housing options that allow residents to age independently and in place without leaving the community they know and love. Additionally, with the cost of housing so high and our proximity to the I-25 corridor we have the opportunity to attract more young people and working families to our city by providing affordable housing and condo options.

Aging Infrastructure
With our city celebrating its 58th year, it is critical that we reassess our aging infrastructure and work to find innovative solutions to how we manage water, trash and sewage so that we don’t continue to pass along high cost of improvements to residents. Additionally, it is important that as a city, we ensure that staff and residents alike have the resources and support they need to address code violations and ensure that as a city we are taking care of and improving upon what we have. 

Public Safety

The bottom line is that people deserve to feel safe where they live. Parents deserve to feel like their children can cross the street safely. In the coming years, it is critical that our community and law enforcement work together to build trust and ensure that everyone can live, work and play in our beautiful city.

Traffic along the I-25 corridor is a major issue for residents that commute. It is critical that city council hold RTD accountable to their promise to build the light rail transit system out to Northglenn. Residents have paid taxes for years and receiving anything less than what we were promised and paid for is downright wrong.