- MY story -

Growing up as the daughter of a librarian and an army veteran, my parents taught my brother, John and me the value of working hard, telling the truth and serving our country. Like so many parents, my mom and dad constantly sacrificed to ensure that we had a roof over our head, food on the table and good schools to attend.

Fighting for Change
I learned what it means to fight for a community from my mom. Everyday after school John and I walked to the library, did our homework and sometimes went to public meetings with mom. At so many of the meetings we attended, I watched as my mom fought for money to run the library and ensure that schools, churches and community partners had the tools and resources they needed to thrive.​ My mom's relentless spirit and dedication to our community is something I've carried with me my entire life.

Finding Our Home in Northglenn
I met my husband, Matt when I was 17 and we were first year students at the University of Wyoming. We dated for a month and then I broke up with him because I wanted to travel the world, which is exactly what I did.

Over the next four years I spent time traveling across Asia, South and Central America and Northern Africa. One of my most favorite fellowships was in Tunisia teaching English to college students. After I graduated from college, our economy was in recession and there were few good paying jobs. Instead of moving back home to live with my parents, I decided to apply to graduate school and was accepted into a Masters of Political Science and Human Rights Program at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Upon graduation, I moved home, moved to Colorado and married the love of my life Matt.

Because I moved every two to three years growing up it was really important to me that before we started a family that we chose one place to put down roots. One place to raise our family.  After months of exploring cities in Adams County, we chose Northglenn because of the solid homes, parks and big trees, proximity to Denver and the mountains. We now have a two year old son, Jack who plays in the park down the street from our home, our neighbors are our extended family and I feel a responsibility to roll up my sleeves and work to make my community better- just like my mom taught me.

A Life of Public Service
For the last decade, I have worked with faith leaders, community advocates, and state legislators to pass policies that simply make Coloradans lives better. As an advocate at the state legislature, I fought for working and middle class families to secure good jobs, protect against wage theft and for paid family leave because no one should have to choose between their job and their family. I worked to make it easier for all citizens to have their voices heard by casting a ballot and advocated for my neighbors on the Adams County Fair Advisory Board and Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County. As a former executive director of a women's empowerment non-profit, I've trained over 400 women to run for public office to find their authentic voice and lead with their values. My husband and I are both small business owners and are proud to call Northglenn our home.

Fighting for Our Community
I'm running for Northglenn City Council because I'm ready to lead with my values and I want a more responsive city government. I want a city government that is fighting just as hard- if not harder- than our neighbors in Westminster and Thornton to bring in new businesses and opportunities for our city and residents to thrive. I want a city government that is just as concerned about speeding on our streets, code enforcement, walkable neighborhoods, stabilizing our water rates, ensuring that our children have every resource and opportunity to succeed and addressing the uptick in crime as we are as citizens. I have both qualifications and passion to lead and I want to fight for our community.

Join me today by making a donation, signing up to volunteer or to attend an event.